Wednesday, 28 December 2016

5 meatless sources of protein, recommended by AMRI Hospital Kolkata

Proteins are called building blocks of life for a reason. Specialist at AMRI Hospital Kolkata explains, “Protein in the body breaks down into amino acids and promotes cell repair and growth.”

Digestion of protein takes long time – making us feel full for long periods on considerably less calories. Thus increase in protein intake is advised to those trying to lose weight.
Scarcity of protein in diet can cause muscle pain, sleep troubles and low energy apart from other serious medical complications. To find out how much protein should be taken in a day, just multiply your weight in kg with 0.8 (e.g. if you weigh 70 kg, you should take at least 56 g per day).

AMRI Hospital Kolkata has listed below meatless foods with surprisingly high content of protein.

1. Seitan or Wheat Gluten (Protein content: 75g per 100g)

Most people aren’t familiar with Seitan, but what must be known about Seitan is its very high protein content. Mere 100g of it has more than enough protein for your daily requirements. This super food is made by washing wheat flour dough until all starch is gone, and sticky gluten mass is achieved. Seitan is also low in carbohydrate, sodium and fat.

2.  Lentils (26g per 100g)

If you want recommended amount of protein in your vegetarian diet, start eating lentils. You can get up to 26g of protein and lots of fiber from just 100g of lentils.

3. Peanut butter (25g per 100g)

Peanut butter is loved by many. It’s one of the tastiest ways to fulfill your protein requirement. But too much of it can cause obesity.

4.  Black beans (21g per 100g)

These are related to, everyone’s favorite, Rajma (kidney beans). However black beans contain bigger amount of protein. Black beans also maintain healthy sugar levels in blood; this is why doctors recommend black beans to patients of diabetes. Black are also low in fat contents.

5.  Almonds (21g per 100)

For a nut, almonds contain an impressive amount of protein. They can be eaten anytime and anywhere. Take it easy on them if you’re trying to lose weight.

There are various other meatless sources of protein that couldn’t make it to this list. But nonetheless, consuming recommended requirement of protein is very important, as told by a senior doctor at AMRI Hospital Kolkata. 

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